Sunday, January 21, 2007

And So The Journey Begins...

Well, this is the start of my long adventure! Starting today, Jan 21, 2007, I will be attempting to earn enough money to take that vacation I have never had and can't afford. The catch? I intend to pay for it ONLY with revenues generated from Google Ads clicks!

I will be posting my progress frequently so check back often! ...And don't be afraid to click on a Google Ad or two to support me and my sponsors!

Here goes nothing,
The Google Adventurer


Anonymous said...

cool idea! I have heard that good luck comes to those that support your initiative.

I wish you all the luck and would like to send you a few bux over paypal to help the cause. Please post a link that I can reach you at.

The Google Ads Adventurer said...

Thanks for wanting to help me anonymous, however I cannot accept your donation. Like my post reads, I can only use revenue generated by Google Ads (boo hoo!)

Anonymous said...

Bobby Griffin said...

Hey, this is Bobby from "Bestest Blog." I admire your goal, but I have to inform you that Google will suspend your account for activity like this. I've had mine suspended before.

(1) You can't draw any undue attention to the ads. Being that the site is about making money from these ads, that is undue attention.

(2) You cannot motivate or ask users to click on your ads...which you clearly did in this post.

(3) You cannot share how much money you make with Adsense...which kinda defeats the purpose here.

I don't mean to be a buzzkill, but I thought I'd try and help you out before you waste a lot of time and effort only to have Google disable your account (they disable mine the day AFTER I hit the $100 mark required to get a check).

The best thing I could recommend is make 2 blogs. One, a legitimate blog, with a legitimate topic that hosts Google ads. The other, you can talk about your adventure and attempts to win that vacation...but you'd have to do it anonymously without explicitly mention the site that actually hosts your Google ads.

Again, sorry to burst your bubble or anything like that, I just couldn't keep silent and let you have your hopes dashed somewhere down the road. No hard feelings I hope.